Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gigantic Green Frogs and Talking Heads

I had to post something about this one. Probably the most random shows Ive ever seen. While sitting having drinks with friends at a small bar in the Pallazio, a giant frog on a water fall began singing. Yes that's right, a GIANT FROG! Like I said, random. So, after realizing nobody added anything "special" to my drink I began to enjoy the odd show, and it was over just as quickly as it had started. I went back to my drink, and enjoying the company of new friends when the next strange thing appeared out of the depths of the lake behind us all. A big talking head(whoever designed these shows was either a genus or loony). So needless to say, after the giant singing frog this was less starting, but a lot creepier. So I just want to say, Vegas is one strange place, basically Disney on Crack... I cant wait to go back.

p.s. sorry bout the lame picture of the frog, it was tough to get a good imabe with some sense of scale, but ill tellya, that wall he is sitting on, its two stories high, so that makes him at least 15' across....

Friday, December 5, 2008

Wow seriously I don't know how Tipp and Jeremy blogged as much as they did. Totally ridiculous, Ill tell ya I had no time. Most of it was taken up by some amazing classes and learned so much. Got a class in showcase the other day, which has so much potential for developing presentations for class, or clients with real time rendering and animation. So rad. I also found out you can 3D Print your Revit models directly from Revit. I don't know about you, but thats awesome... No more model building for meee! As for right not, I'm sitting in Las Vegas International waiting to go home. So I just wanted to say thanks to Autodesk and the Autodesk Education Team for sending me and the rest of the Student Reps to AU this year. I'd also like to thank Jenee for everything and for putting up with Tipp, Jeremy and me, I had an awesome time and I hope Ill be able to make back it to AU again next year. Until then Keep checkin this blog. Ill keep updating it with AU 2008 stuff till I run out and ill probably put up anything cool I come across along the way, so keep checkin back.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So I said I would update with some photographs and here they are from top to bottom you have some stuff from the awesome presentation Autodesk gave as their opening key note. The motorcycle you see is a completely PRINTED(yes thats right printed) product. The bottom two
images show the class "Incorporating Digital Sketching" and some of what went on there. As of right now Im sitting in the run through for the Education presentation later...

AU2008 First day

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

AU 2008 First day

So this morning started with a lot of coffee and a lil breakfast. Unfortunately the first class was an absolute snooze. Kind of a bummer, but hey It happens, Got some good Revit management ideas down so its not a loss. Left there and headed over to the main stage for the AU keynote, and all I have to say is WOW. Autodesk really did it up nice with one beautiful presentation and some great ideas, and developing products. The 3D rapid prototyping was ridiculous. Ive never Seen an all prototyped full scale motorcycle before, just crazy stuff. Ill have some pics up tonight and tomorrow. To check out some pictures right now check out Jeremy's blog, he uploads stuff on the fly (you suck for having an iPhone Jeremy, I have to get one now). All and all it was an awesome morning, and this afternoons classes are turning out to be much more interesting than this mornings.

First off I want to mention that I love Industrial Design, had I found out about it earlier on I may not be going for my Masters in Architecture. So Ive been attending a mixture of ID and Architecture classes while here at AU. First on the docket was Integrating Digital Sketching In Your Everyday Work-flow. Awesome class, and I see tons of potential for developmental studies for building form in the computer. The speaker spoke mainly about ID, but the mix of programs (Sketchbook Pro, Alias, Mud Box and Adobe's Photoshop) was excellent. I wish I didnt have the AU Educational Presentation to go to or I would be attending the next class in that series, o well, theres always next year. Im really excited to get home and get on to Sketchbook Pro now tho!

The last class of the day today was the IES Revit Toolset class. I have a good Idea of how IES works but they have defiantly developed a very nice plugin for Revit. IES Has a free tool that you can check out to do some standard analysis from, and they also have a plugin you can buy or download a free trial of here at their website. Go check it out and play around for it. You can at least use the trial for one of your studio projects and its pretty easy to use. So go check it out.

Theres a lot more to come and Ill keep Blogging when I get internet connection at the convention center.

Yay Free Wireless!!