Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gigantic Green Frogs and Talking Heads

I had to post something about this one. Probably the most random shows Ive ever seen. While sitting having drinks with friends at a small bar in the Pallazio, a giant frog on a water fall began singing. Yes that's right, a GIANT FROG! Like I said, random. So, after realizing nobody added anything "special" to my drink I began to enjoy the odd show, and it was over just as quickly as it had started. I went back to my drink, and enjoying the company of new friends when the next strange thing appeared out of the depths of the lake behind us all. A big talking head(whoever designed these shows was either a genus or loony). So needless to say, after the giant singing frog this was less starting, but a lot creepier. So I just want to say, Vegas is one strange place, basically Disney on Crack... I cant wait to go back.

p.s. sorry bout the lame picture of the frog, it was tough to get a good imabe with some sense of scale, but ill tellya, that wall he is sitting on, its two stories high, so that makes him at least 15' across....

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Jenee said...

Hilarious that you got this picture!